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Dog Training & Boarding Sydney, Central Coast & Newcastle

Dog Training & Boarding Sydney, Central Coast & Newcastle

K9 Training specialises in dog training and dog boarding in the Sydney, Central Coast and Newcastle areas. This is a unique service where your beloved dog is trained with expert trainers at our family property, 5 mins from the beach, dog parks and free-roaming areas. We are 35 minutes from Sydney and Newcastle. By training in a family environment results are able to achieve with ease, and the integration back to your family is a smooth transition.

We are different from commercial Dog Boarding Kennels, Dogs are not locked in Dog Pens and runs all day. We encourage interaction with our family, other dogs and lots of play. We want your dog to be happy and eager to learn.

The dog training and dog boarding program is a great alternative to straight dog boarding kennels.

Your dog will enjoy themselves and thrive on the stimulation of training.

Dog Behaviour Problems Solved

Our dog trainers have over 30 years of dog training each, and have trained 1000’s of dogs over the years. The dog training styles used are researched, tested and guaranteed to be dog-friendly, no harsh method and humane system of training dogs. A good dog trainer should know all different styles of dog training and use what is most effective, economical and easy to train.

Results are guaranteed, if a new problem arises or a problems re-occurs K9 Training will provide free follow up lessons for 12 months and telephone support for the rest of the dogs life. It is in K9 Training interest to get the dog training completed correctly the first time. If you and your dog are coming back for free lessons, it is costing us money when we can be training other clients dogs. We encourage you to ask questions before, during and after dog training. We are here to help you and your dog.

dog jumping

Why do dogs jump? Do you come home or have friends and visitors come over and your dog jumps all over you and them, learn the secrets on how to solve this problem.

Walking your dog should be easy and relaxing. You shouldn’t be pulled down the street, resulting in sore arms and shoulders. Your dog will learn how to walk correctly and easily.

Does your home and back yard look like a battle zone, does your dog chew the furniture, outdoor deck, patio, plants, trees, clothing and shoes. Learn why dogs chew and how to solve this problem.

Do you want an area, that you don’t want your dog to go to. We show you how to do it.

Is your dog a bundle of nerves, does your dog destroy the house or bark constantly when you’re not home. Find out how to reduce stress and separation anxiety in your dog.

Are you hanging clothes on the clothes line, only to come back out and find them on the ground dirty or worst, chewed up.

along with

Does your dog not want to know you when off the lead, does your dog make you chase him or her around whilst off the lead. We show and teach your dog how to come when called.

Your dog barks constantly. We show and teach your dog how to treat this annoying problem.

Is your dog aggressive. We work with you and your dog to stop the aggressive behaviour.

Is your back door ruined from scratching and does your dog whine constantly for you. Learn how to solve this problem.

Your dog is now a best friend, happy confident, controlled and a pleasure to have. You will be the envy of your neighbours and friends. The problems of old are no longer. Imagine the smile on your face.

dog training

13 days of premium Dog Training and Dog Boarding. Your dog will be able to on a lead walk correctly, sit, drop, stay and come. Problems are solved.
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One on one lessons at our complex or dog training locations. We teach you and your dog how to solve specific problems.
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Does your dog pull on the lead and jump on you, family and friends. This 3 day course gets your dog to walk correctly on a loose lead and stop jumping.
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Puppy classes are coming soon.
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Puppy classes are coming soon.

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