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Border Collie

Border Collie dog is a working dog, specifically designed for herding, obedience and shows high levels of obedience.

The border collie is an extremely intelligent, energetic and agile dog. They do particularly well in dog sport type of competitions, such as agility, fly ball and herding. They do make excellent working dogs for herding sheep and cattle on farm type scenarios.

The border collie is a medium-sized dog, with thick double coats that sheds frequently. They come in colours of black and white, liver and red

Border collies require a significant amount of exercise, training and mental stimulation. The border collie is considered one of the most intelligent breeds and was originally designed to herd livestock. However, they make excellent family dogs if trained correctly.

It must be noted that border collies are very demanding and active. If the dog is left in the back yard and not stimulated, many behavioural problems can develop. Some of these bad behaviours that can develop is scratching at doors, digging holes, chewing unwanted items. They may also start to herd small children, chase cars, extreme pulling on the lead, making them difficult to walk.

A quality dog training program is very important with the breed of the border collie. This should start with puppy school between the ages of 10 to 14 weeks, socialisation towards different dogs, animals, surfaces and areas ie schools, parks, shopping areas. Around 5 to 6 months of age a good obedience training program would be most beneficial.

At K9 Training we have dog training programs at our Sydney, Central Coast and Newcastle centres. With a quality inhouse train and board program on the Central Coast.

Border collies are very easy dogs to train with their intelligence and eagerness to learn. By training these dogs in positive motivation results, are able to be achieved with ease.

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