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Frequently Asked Questions on Dog Training

Q.Can my dog be trained?

A. All dogs over 5 months of age are able to be completely obedience trained. Dogs under 5 months are able to attend puppy classes, which is an excellent way of beginning obedience training.

Q.My dog is hyperactive, jumps over everyone and can't sit still. Can you help?

A. With obedience training comes control, we do not change your dogs temperament but work with it. Your dog will be calmer, confident and controllable.

Q.Where is your complex and training fields?

A. Our complex and training fields are on the Central Coast 35 mins from Sydney and 45 minutes from Newcastle. 

Q.What areas do you service?

A. We service all areas of Sydney, Central Coast and Newcastle.

Q.What food do you use?

A. We use a mix between premium dry dog food and quality graded mince. We also cater for special needs and diets.

Q.When will my dog obey my commands?

A.  It depends on the course.

With the 14 day In-House Boarding course your dog will obey your commands during the FREE handlers course offer at the end of the training. Or if choosing the Private Lessons your dog will being to obey your commands during the 1st lesson.

Q.Can my children give commands to the dog?

A. Yes. The dog will listen and obey the commands.

Q.Can we see some dogs being trained prior to our dog starting the obedience training?

A. Yes. You are free to come out to our complex and watch our expert trainers training dogs. Please phone ahead to make an appointment.

Q.Will my dog change?

A. Yes. Your dog will be obedient, calmer, confident and controllable. The training methods used by K9 Training will not change your dog's temperament or character.

Q.Will my dog remember the commands after the training course has finished?

A. Yes. Dogs learn through motivation and repetition.

If your dog is completing the In-House Training and Boarding program, you are encouraged to watch the video and read the work booklet that is contained in our “On-Line training” section. (You can always refer to these at anytime). You will also receive practical demonstrations and instructions upon pickup of your dog.

If private lessons. Your dog will start immediately to remember the commands after your first lesson.

Q.I am not sure if my dog needs training?

A. Obedience training and learning about dogs is a excellent way of having a controlled, well behaved, rewarding, confident and calmer dog. The results that owners see once the dog has been professionally trained are outstanding (See Testimonials).

Q.Can my dog do other courses?

A.Yes. We make individual courses to suit the need and wants of your dog and you.

Q.How do we start?

A. Phone 0414 088 128 or email k9trainingaustralia@gmail and we will make a booking for you.
On the starting day of training please ensure your dog is in good condition and vaccination certificates are able to be sighted by one of the training team.
For group lessons (Puppies) please attach a collar and lead for short periods of time, letting the puppy drag around the lead and reward with food.
If you have any other enquiries please feel free to call us and we will be happy to talk to you.

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