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German Shepherd Dog

The German Shepherd dog is a large to medium size dog with origins from Germany.

German Shepherd dogs are well suited to working type roles of search and rescue, detection, disability assistance, police and military applications. They also make wonderful family companions and are well known for being loyal family members.

German Shepherds are either tan/black or red/black and have a two layer coast which is dense and thick. German shepherds can come in the forms of short hair or long hair varieties.

Two types of German Shepherds in Australia come from show lines or working lines. Show lines tend to be more calm, placid nature, where the working lines exhibit an eagerness to work and constantly wanting to be on the go.

The German Shepherd is a highly intelligent dog, which they are well known for and have the ability to pick up simple tasks very quickly. They can learn various tasks and interpret commands better than most breeds.

The German Shepherd is an active and self-assured dog and well known for their protective behaviours over family members. They have a eager ability to learn and gaining knowledge. German Shepherds can make excellent companions and must be socialised early in life. The most important time frame is up to 16 weeks.

Some dogs are known for haemophilia and hip dysplasia. Testing for these issues should be undertaken, very early on in a dogs life.

A good training program is highly important for the breed, starting with puppy imprinting, socialization (puppy preschool) and exposure to a different variety of environments. Quality obedience, leading through to what ever interest the dogs and owners. They do not suit well to being left alone in the back yard or inside the house for days at a time. It is recommended that they are walked and exercised every day.


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