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Dog Training & Dog Boarding

Our 14-day Dog Training & Dog Boarding program is a premium service at a very affordable rate.
Your dog stays with us and is treated, part of the family. Attention to detail and service is our main priority.

14 Day’s of Premium Dog Training & Dog Boarding $1499.00

Includes all Dog Training, Dog Boarding and Food. (No additional costs)

The course consists of:

  • 14 days of premium Dog Training and Dog Boarding at our family property, 35 minutes from Sydney, Central Coast and Newcastle. Ensuring your dog is interacting and socialising with family members and other dogs. Your dog is not locked in pens/runs all day, as at commercial dog boarding kennels. Max 3 to 4 dogs on the course at any one time. This enables great results to be achieved, happy and healthy dogs. A great alternative to straight dog boarding kennels.

Course Start Dates:

  • Due to popularity, the Dog Training and Dog Boarding program, course books out well in advance. We do not sacrifice quantity, over excellent quality training. We take the time to make sure the training is completed correctly.

    Dog Training & Dog Boarding

  • Sunday 11th October 2020 (*Sold Out)
  • Sunday 18th October 2020 (Sold Out)
  • Sunday 1st November 2020 (*Sold Out)
  • Sunday 15th November 2020 (Sold Out)
  • Sunday 29th November 2020 (*Sold Out)
  • Sunday 13th December 2020 (11 Day Training, 1 Spot Available $1150 Course finishes on Wednesday 23rd December, This date only)
  • We are fully booked out for Christmas/ New Year period.
  • Sunday 3rd January 2021 (Full 14 day Course 2 Spots Available)

Your dog will be able to on lead:

  • Walk on a loose lead
  • Drop and stay.
  • Sit and stay.
  • Recall on demand.
  • Socialisation with other dogs and humans.

Problems solved:

  • Jumping
  • Pulling on Lead
  • Chewing, digging, Over excitement
  • Teaching hyper excitable dogs, to calm down and relax
  • Not coming when called, Reducing Anxiety and Excessive Barking
  • Along with many more (Just ask us)

    Course includes:

  • Free dog wash on arrival.
  • All food. (Special diets and needs cater for)
  • All Dog Boarding, at our family property.
  • Recall on demand.
  • Dog are trained 3 to 5 times per day to achieve maximum results.
  • Same expert trainer for duration of the course.
  • Dog Training is tailored to each individual dog (See Methods & Guarantee).
  • Socialisation, playtime & walking every day.
  • FREE telephone support for the rest of the dogs natural life.
  • FREE follow up lessons for 12 months at K9 TRAINING facilities at the completion of the course.
  • FREE handlers course that shows you what your dog has learned and teaches you the correct commands and handling techniques.


Years of experience

K9 training has been operating as a business since 2005 and over 20 years of dog training. Results are not by luck. But through research, experience and are tried and tested.

Quality Dog training

We don't just believe in one training style. A good trainer should know and be competent in all the different training methods and use what is the most friendly, humane and most importantly easy to use.

Great reviews

Our reviews are valuable to us and our service just doesn't stop once your dog goes home. We encourage you to be in contact, ask questions. At the end it is in our interest and yours to get training right the first time. As our guarantee covers you.

Your dog is now your friend instead of a nuisance. Imagine no more jumping on you, not being dragged down the road and your dog not running away.

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