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Dog Training Methods

We at K9 TRAINING use a PROVEN staged training system ensuring 99% success rate of all dogs trained. Each of the stages is tailor made to each dog. Every dog is an individual and no two dogs are exactly the same. Why apply one training technique, when that training technique just doesn't work for every dog.

The system is dog friendly, no harsh methods and is a humane system for training dogs.

1st STAGE: Teaching in Positive Reinforcement/ Reward base:

Before you can expect your dog to complete a command, The dog must learn exactly what the command means and what is being asked of the dog. This is achieved by giving the dog a positive motivating experience.

2nd STAGE: Training Phase:

Once your dog understands and has been taught how to do an exercise, it must then be trained over and over until it becomes a habit. Dogs learn through repetition, motivation and praise, so when the command is given the dog completes the task every time.

3rd STAGE: Proofing (Distraction phase)

Once your dog has completed the training phase and is well trained, Proofing is applied by tempting or distracting during exercises. Examples of this are: The dog must not move from the command with distraction put in place ie: tennis ball rolled past, another person enters the training area etc.

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4th STAGE: Final Phase

Your dog is now, your best friend, happy, confident, controlled and a pleasure to have. You will be the envy of the neighbours and your friends. The problems of old are no longer. Imagine no more jumping on you, not getting dragged down the road, your dog not running away and no more nuisance barking. Imagine the smile on your face.


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