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Peter T

Digger is a German shepherd and is the first dog that I have owned and he would just not listen to us. He would not come when called, pulled on the lead, jumped up on us and our visitors. We were at the stage of giving him away. I made a phone call to K9 Training and was reassured that Diggers problems could be solved and he would be obedient. K9 TRAINING conducted 5 private lessons at there training fields. K9 TRAINING looked at what was causing Digger to be disobedient. K9 TRAINING discussed a reward and positive reinforcement base training system and we proceeded over the 5 lessons along with practicing 10 minutes every day over the 5 weeks to work on the problems. I was SPELLBOUND! with the results. Digger is now an obedient and well behaved dog and the problems are gone. My experience with K9 Training was fantastic.

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