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  • I have had dogs all my entire life, but never had I seen or had a hyperactive dog as our kelpie Tash. K9 TRAINING taught us a few exercises, so our dog would listen to our commands. K9 TRAINING then taught our dog to sit. This all happened in the 1st lesson, we were AMAZED that our dog had made such a huge step! Tash now sits, drops, stays, walks correctly on lead and is easily controlled when distracted. She is a joy to take walking now. I am 100% satisfied and would recommend K9 Training to any dog owner.

Debbie P

Glenmore Park

  • I want to thank K9 TRAINING for helping our labrador over come his behaviour issues. Our Labrador would jump on us and visitors, pull on the lead when walked. Our dog did the 14 day In-House Training and Boarding Program. At the end of the program. Well all I can say is “Wow”. Our dog completely obedience trained, what a pleasure.

Rose G.


  • I would like to thank "K9 Training" for training our Rotty Archie. Archie was out of control he would dig, pull clothes of the line, chew the kids shoes, you name it he did it. K9 TRAINING taught Archie control, he now sits, drops, stays and is a pleasure to walk. He does not display any of his old problems.
    Thank you K9 Training

Mark C


  • Digger is a German shepherd and is the first dog that I have owned and he would just not listen to us. He would not come when called, pulled on the lead, jumped up on us and our visitors. We were at the stage of giving him away. I made a phone call to K9 Training and was reassured that Diggers problems could be solved and he would be obedient. K9 TRAINING conducted 5 private lessons at there training fields. K9 TRAINING looked at what was causing Digger to be disobedient. K9 TRAINING discussed a reward and positive reinforcement base training system and we proceeded over the 5 lessons along with practicing 10 minutes every day over the 5 weeks to work on the problems. I was SPELLBOUND! with the results. Digger is now an obedient and well behaved dog and the problems are gone. My experience with K9 Training was fantastic.

Peter T


  • Thank you K9 Training for all your help with our foxy "Sid". Sid was a dog who would bite, run away, not sit and bark all the time. K9 Training did an amazing job, they corrected the problems and Sid now sits, drops, stays and walks on a lead.




    Our beautiful 20mth  old German Shepherd boy attended K9 Trainings two week live in course. 

    Thanks to K9 his anxiety levels around other dogs has decreased to the point where he can comfortably walk past another dog without lunging towards it and where he can run around the yard with his doggie cousins without incident. We are continuing with  techniques and can see our boy becoming calmer everyday.

    Thank you for your gentle, calm and professional approach.

Russell & Bronwyn


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