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Training Labradors

Are you struggling to control or prevent undesirable behaviours with your Labrador or any other breed of dog? At K9 Training can definitely help you with our quality dog training. Please read on.

The Labrador retriever is generally an outgoing, pleasant and even temperament dog. Labradors’ have a very effective sense of smell which allows them to target almost any scent and follow the scent towards the origin of the targetted odour.

Labradors make excellent dogs for scent detection type of work. 

They are well known to chew objects, which they can be trained to cease this type of unwanted behaviour.

Labradors are well known as a very even temperament breed, which makes them a very desirable family dog. The breed has a good standing for children of all ages and gets along well with other pets. 

Labradors can be fun, loud, very energetic and lack fear. Good quality dog training can go along way, in controlling undesirable behaviours as they are fast learners and eager to learn.

A out of control Labrador can be very problematic with typical examples of pulling on the lead, jumping, chewing, digging and very hyperactive. 

Labradors are puppies or young at heart up to around 3 years of age. Labradors often enjoy retrieving items such as balls, frisbee and sticks

They will occasionally bark at noise, however, they should not bark unnecessarily. They are generally easygoing and trusting of almost anyone unless proven otherwise. They love the company of fellow dogs and people and enjoy exploring.

Labradors can be highly intelligent, which can be easily misinterpreted as being silly, with the right training their intelligence can be exhibited. 

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